Fast Food & Quick Service

Fast food and takeaways are a feature of today's high street and modern EPOS solutions are helping these businesses evolve and thrive. Touch screen technology ensures that food orders are clear and correct which helps reduce wastage when processing orders - a vital feature in a busy fast food outlet

Online ordering and delivery are all services offered by our favourite fast food outlets and Gardiff EPOS systems are designed to support your business with this functionality.  Not only can we provide modern touch screen terminals that allow you to receive and process orders from 'walk in' customers, our EPOS solutions can also process your online and telephone orders too. 

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Gardiff Software

  • Complete EPOS solution perfect for any type of fast food restaurant, fully customised to your business needs
  • Full range of peripherals to compliment your screen choice including printers, scanners, cash drawers, customer display screens and card payment terminals.
  • Additional services such as cloud reporting, online ordering, Gift Cards, Vouchers and loyalty schemes available.

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"Gardiff EPOS have become a trusted partner in providing us with hardware and software for our 40 restaurants and takeaways"

“ after a live demo of the Gardiff EPOS system we felt that this was the one best suited to the specific needs of our business”

“There have been a couple of times we've needed to know things about the system, so we've just rung through and they've sorted it out.”